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MovingUp Podcast featuring Michael Yinger

Don’t miss the next episode of the Podcast. Moving UP: An Honest Conversation on Career Growth, hosted by Victoria Jakovich, Vice President of Chrishunt Executive Search. This episode will cover a wide variety of topics in talent acquisition, technology, and the future of hiring with senior executive Michael Yinger, COO of tech startup ResumeSieve and host of his own Podcast AMile Wide View of Talent Management.

Michael Yinger has spent 20+ years driving change in the recruitment industry from building high-performing teams to managing global organizations and providing strategic consultation to executives and companies. His company ResumeSieve develops tools to enhance the traditional recruiting model and brings best-in-class talent acquisition management AI software to benefit small and medium sized organizations. The Sieve when used with an applicant tracking system can save recruiters up to70% of time spent on analyzing resumes leading to a lower cost per hire and a more expedient process for all parties. Learn more about this innovative AI recruitment tool The Sieve™in a recent article published in Tech Company News.

Michael brings 2 decades of experience in talent management, operational leadership, organizational development, and business management consulting to his many endeavors. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet and learn from Michael! Listen to the latest episode of Michael’s podcast “Talent Acquisitions Role in Identifying and Nurturing Leaders”

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Victoria is the Vice President of Chrishunt Executive Search Firm and the host of the podcast Moving Up: An Honest Conversation on Career Growth. She is a senior executive with over 15 years of experience in operations management, strategic sales planning, market analysis, business development, and team and organizational leadership.

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