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Meet our Executive Recruiters

We’re on a mission to help grow your business and build a team that will deliver results!  If you’re looking to fill a role today or strategizing for 2023, our team is here to help!  

Rachel Garcia has 10 years of recruiting experience, with a demonstrated history of success working in multiple industries. Rachel is passionate about building strong relationships and partnerships with her clients and candidates and making the perfect match for long-term success.  As a senior recruiter for ChrisHunt, Rachel’s focus is on networking, relationship building, and attracting top-performing professionals for her clients.  “It’s a very rewarding job. When the perfect match is made, it’s not only great for the client, but also for the candidate and their families.  It’s a warming feeling to know that I have a part in changing people’s lives for the better.” 

Michelle Marino has over 10 years of experience recruiting professionals in several industries including Accounting, Healthcare, Healthcare Technology, and Information Technology (IT). She prides herself on her ability to truly understand her clients’ needs and to dig deep to understand the true motivation of her candidates.  As a recruiter for ChrisHunt, Michelle is responsible for sourcing and screening candidates, coordinating the interview process, and facilitating offers and employment negotiations. “As an internal and external recruiter, the work is fast-paced and sometimes trying, but seeing those who I have hired do well is really exciting — and watching my company grow as a result of my work is thoroughly enjoyable!” 

Joanne Johns has had a successful career in Human Resources gaining experience in nearly all facets of the field including compensation and benefits, safety and workers compensation,   employee training, development and succession planning, employee relations, talent acquisition, diversity, equity and inclusion.  Prior to joining ChrisHunt, Joanne was the Director of HR for a Colorado-based nonprofit.  She began her staffing career working with clients including QVC and Pepsi.  She’s now responsible for recruiting the most qualified candidates for her clients at ChrisHunt. “I love juggling all facets of HR. The strategy, the problem-solving, making connections with employees, figuring out how to make it better, taking an active role in developing and mentoring others, and building relationships – it’s what I’m passionate about.”  

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