Hiring for Soft Skills

The term "soft skill" refers to any ability or characteristic that may be categorized as a personality feature or attribute. How we work, behave, and connect with others is shaped by our particular abilities and habits, such as our empathy, creativity, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills. Due to technological advancement,…

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Retention Focused Hiring

To have a more stable and productive staff, businesses need to focus on bringing the right talent to the organization. But more importantly, they also need to hire a resource that is likely to stay with the organization; a process known as retention-focused hiring. Companies with strong retention-focused hiring rates…

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Hiring Gen Z

No matter what's happening around the globe, the recruitment approach of employers must include cultivating relationships for hiring Gen Z. Why? Because Gen Z in the workforce is expected to triple in the coming decade. It is a well-known fact that Gen Z is an ethnically and racially diverse generation…

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